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Why your obsession with your own inconsistency is causing you to literally push your ideal clients away.
(and it’s also NOT THE REASON your business is low-key failing)

It might seem like it makes sense.

You need to be consistent.
Post content on the regular.
Be engaging.
On brand.

With just the right amount of personality, information and value so that your ideal clients will, over time, resonate with your message and buy your stuff.

[No pressure here, folks!]

Sounds perfect…if only you were perfect.

Not only is this a steep hill to climb when you’ve been fairly inconsistent over a period of time, it also doesn’t take into consideration that you’re human. And human beings aren’t perfect…so how can you expect your marketing plan and business to be perfect if an imperfect human is the one running it?

I call that setting yourself up for failure.

By the way, over time…all of your marketing will attract the right clients. But you don’t actually NEED to have all that and a bag of chips set up perfectly today be able to attract the exact clients who will pay you what you deserve to support your thriving business, giving you the ability to decide your own fate.

I mean, as it stands now money is deciding your fate.

It decides what you do, when you do it and how often. But when your business is thriving in the way you know you want it to thrive…YOU will decide what you do, when you do it and how often.

Thing is: you can make more money in your business (consistent 5 figure months) WHILE building your brand, AND attracting those clients who resonate with you over time.

Right now, there are two things standing in the way of your success.

1. You
2. The money you’re already making elsewhere

You think it’s your own lack of consistency that’s blocking the money from coming into your business, but you and I both know these things to be true:

Sales will get you the money.
The clients will give you the testimonials that will prove you know your shit and deliver results.
Your content will generate more raving fans waiting to enroll with you next.
And then this is a funnel that will continually bring on new sales.

The challenge you face right now is simply that you don’t “need” to make this business work in order for you to FEEL successful. Like I said, you already have money coming in from another source: another job or business that you’re not super excited about (highly likely) or your spouse.

That money you already have coming in is crippling your drive to make your dream business profitable, fun and 100% YOU.

You justify your own mediocre success in your business because you’re already successful in other areas.

But I’m gonna call bullshit.

See, I wanted to be a full-fledged entrepreneur for MANY years and it wasn’t until I left my cushy six figure job to do exactly that, that I felt fulfilled. It wasn’t the most glamorous start up, and it wasn’t easy…but I was doing something I had never done before.

The amount of fulfillment my six figure job could give me was never going to match the sense of accomplishment and contribution I felt when I ran my own shop.

In the back of my mind…while working in my corporate job… I was always curious if I could actually do it. Sure, my own success in corporate was exhilarating at time…but it was also fully funded and supported with a massive budget. So…I never felt like my abundance was coming from ALL ME.

If you’re anything like me, you can show up for everyone else…but when are you going to show up for yourself?

When would I finally say screw it to do the thing that I WANTED TO DO…it was honestly scary AF.

One of my clients had quadrupled her sales while working with me. Another doubled her salary in the first year after leaving to run her own design firm.

I had the support of other successful entrepreneurs. But still…I was doubting my own self.

I’ll never forget the feeling of being completely without my salary, landing client after client, and building a team of people and becoming a “successful” entrepreneur I felt like I had won the lottery.

The truth is, I put in WORK. I did all those things everyone knows you’re supposed to do repeatedly, more than the average entrepreneur and we became massively successful.

I know this can also happen for you.

I can tell you from PERSONAL experience this drive to be an entrepreneur will haunt you all the days of your life until you finally COMMIT to doing it. And that doesn’t mean quitting your job right now, though you may…your job isn’t the actual thing preventing your success (the money you’re generating from it is).

That means you COMMIT to being an entrepreneur with a business that actually markets and sells stuff every day that you’re open. You may have off days here and there but you don’t go silent for a month just because you didn’t hit your activity targets for yourself.

Here’s what I need you to do in order to easily and CONSISTENTLY generate five figures a month I your business starting this month. Sign up for a discovery call with me and come with pen and paper so when I give you feedback about how to bust through your limiting beliefs and give you SPECIFIC tactics to generate more income…you’re ready to get down to business and just fucking do it already.

I can promise you, if you do this…you WILL leave our call with insight into your own business that you didn’t have before and the ability to work with me ongoing to get your business where you want it to be. The only requirement for this is an open mind and a willingness to do things differently than you’ve ever done before.








Truth vs. Fantasy

If you’re living with the HOPE that your vision board, business and income goals will one day magically come true and you’ll live happily every after, I have bad news: you may never get there. And I think what’s even more important to note than this, is that because you’re really smart…you already know this is the case.

You dabble in the Law of Attraction maybe even fully embrace it for periods of time. But you also know that in order for you to hit those income and business goals you have set you need to start making some serious traction in your business.

Setting up systems to help you succeed. A regular marketing plan that you’re consistintly implementing. Closing sales.

But for some reason you’re stuck. You’ve put your business on the back burner for a while now (months, YEARS in some cases) and you know you’re smart enough and have the experience to make it big but you’re not consistintely showing up.

So you daydream about what it could be like when you actually finally do show up.

Fantasy is a wonderful thing. It can provide a sedative to the otherwise obnoxious experiences we are forced to live day in and day out:

*working a 9-5 you actually kinda hate

*taking on clients who pay you well put treat you like crap

*working with clients who tell you you’re amazing, yet never pay you

*that relationship that is literally draning every ounce of energy from your being

*that feeling like you’re perpetually running late

You don’t have to be expriencing every one of these things, but to experience even one on a regular basis could make daydreaming an olympic sport.

With fantasy, no one has to get hurt.

Nothing has to change.

You get to just keep living your life, pinning images of what it COULD be like and feeling like you’ve taken some action towards the life you REALLY desire (and deserve, btw).

Not everyone will be able to hear this post. I swear to you. If you’re reading this and it’s resonating, read it again. Denial is a POWERFUL psychological tool we all use to avoid change and pain. I should know, I lived in denial for 9+ years. Until one day I was done.

I was done thinking about what could be. If this happened and that happened. If all my desires magiaclly came true. If my prayers became answered. If only I acted this way, or focused on the positive. I woke up one day and FINALLY saw that THIS WAS IT.

What was happening is what had been happening and what would CONTINUE HAPPENING if I didn’t choose to step into the truth.

The truth is this: you have options. There is no ONE WAY to get your business where you want it to go. There are certain universal principals you can apply to your business that EVERY successful salesperson, business owner, hardcore hustler has used to get the results they want and they’re all based in TRUTH.

When you’re living in fantasy, you’re in denial about the action you need to take to get what you actually want. When I used to train brokers to learn how to ACTUALLY sell and make money and create renewal income I would always start with the goal they had.

“How much money do you want to make this season?” I’d ask.

Squirming. Fidgeting. Sweaty palms.

Always happened.

“How much do you want to make!?” I repeated…playfully messing with the person.

Sometimes they would say a really low number. Sometimes they would say a really high number.

Then we would dig into the action they were currently taking towards that goal.


I would then explain exactly the activities they needed to take to get close, hit or exceed their goal (you can’t guarantee anything in life but you can always control your own actions).

Now: goal set, actions lined up.

Fantasy smashed, truth revealed.

Truth, rather than fantasy isn’t as gentle and sugary sweet as fantasy. Truth is willing to take you into the thick of it, while fantasy would prefer you stand on the outside looking in. Never really feeling like you’re a part of.

Fantasy would prefer you stand on the outside looking in.

Fantasy would prefer you stand on the outside looking in.


Are you ready to step into TRUTH?

When you’re willing to step into truth, you’re willing to take action. It’s not that you’re not scared…it’s just that you know living in truth and taking actions towards your dreams and goals far outweighs living the same life while tripping out on a fantasy of what COULD BE.

If you’re a coach and you’re unclear about what the hell you’re “supposed to be doing” (based on what you see everyone else doing) you need to get a piece of paper out and quickly write down what pops into your mind that is simply fantasy and what is truth.

If you have trouble discerning these things, you probably need help to sort that out. Is that bad? Are you incapable? Will you ever “get it?”

Listen…only you have the answers to these questions

If you’re not resonating with this or you don’t understand where you’re using denial to manage the pain you’re experiencing in your business and life…I got nothing for ya.

I can only tell you that it probably won’t magically get better.

But the truth will elevate your consciousness to bring aware to what you can change, uproot and reassemble to bring about what it is you actually desire.

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***I want to take a moment to say how deeply saddened I am by the hatred that caused the mass killing of innocent people in the LGBTQ community in Orlando, FL on June 12th in a terrorist attack. I am disgusted by the act and in awe of the bravery that the LGBTQ community has shown since the attack. Click here to donate to the victims of the attack.***

When your ego is trying to mess with you.

Failing vs. Not Really Trying

Being Quiet vs. Hiding

Churning out “Content” vs. Creating Stuff

I’ve had a lot floating through my brain over the past few 6 weeks. I’ve been being a mom, doing an interview for Ramit Sethi, had writing deadlines, work projects, my baby sister’s wedding, and other random activities going on in my life and none of it was lost on me.

The main idea that kept cropping up for me was ego.

I know…this is a writing blog and not a personal development blog. But wait, grasshopper! If you’ve tried writing stuff…you’ve come face to face with every single piece of resistance [dormant or alive and kickin’] in your pretty little body.

So, ego. And then…personal development.

Failing vs. Not Really Trying

I’ve tried and failed at so many damn things.

But if it weren’t for trying and failing I would’ve just not taken any action at all, shielding my ego from failure but also giving myself 0% chance at success! Damn. So in other words, to protect myself from hurt and pain (but also from possibly experiencing joy and love) I could just not put myself out there at 100%.

That ego tho.

Just recently I had this happen to me. I had an opportunity to try something new. Guess what I did? I thought about doing nothing, backing out retreating. Instead…I showed up. Low and behold: I got rejected.

So who gives a crap? It totally stung in the moment and it kind of still does to be perfectly candid, but I don’t regret anything at all. I 100% would’ve always wondered “what if” had I not taken a chance.


I’m pretty sure I learned this lesson and keep relearning it because I’m in sales and also because I’m a writer and was an actress. These professions repeatedly prove three things:

  1. It’s never only about you.
  2. It’s a numbers game.
  3. Having a great network is important, but not vital.

So, how can you know that “you’re not really trying”?


  • You avoid taking action because you don’t feel like being rejected.
  • You’re waiting “for the right timing.”
  • You’re not sure if you should do A, B or C project or idea (i.e. “confused).
  • You’re settling for a job, relationship, living situation because it would be “hard” to take a different path.

These are all indications that you’re not really trying.

Now listen, I don’t condone recklessness. But there is a massive crevasse between being reckless and staying small out of fear. You need to carefully cross that crevasse; and you don’t have to do it by jumping.

(That would be reckless).

Getting honest with yourself is a grrrreat start.

If you’re any kind of artist, I highly recommend doing The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron. It will gently take you face to face with your resistance and assist you in dismantling your walls while you get to work on your art.

How fun is that?

This is where I want to tell you all sorts of things about how failing is way more fun than not even trying.

Because, it’s true! I just got out of a dance class where I couldn’t turn to the right doing the cha-cha (we didn’t even try the left), for the life of me. I laughed it off and then I got it.

It would have been insane for me to shut down and say “UGH! I can’t do it!” That makes no logical sense. I just listened to my teacher and figured that shit out. With my body, not my mind.

The mind is where the ego plays. And the ego doesn’t like to fuck up.

Oh well, ego. Welcome to life…! In case you didn’t know, it’s a shit show around here at times.

I’m not even going to get into the number of writing contests or magazines I’ve been rejected from. Trust there are many. But I’ve gotten some damn good writing out of it. Writing for contests or to try and be published is the equivalent of trying to lose weight and entering a race of some kind. It gives you something to work towards.

So listen up, writers, business owners, artists…create stuff. Launch the course. Try and fail. Try and fail again. Keep doing that over and over. Learn lessons along the way, perfect your craft and then keep at it.

Never think that doing just one thing will get you the success you desire. Success, to me, is something you earn over time. You’re supposed to be creating a body of work for God’s sake…not just a one off something or other you came up with on the fly.

This brings me to point #2:

Being Quiet Vs. Hiding

Hiding and “not really trying” are cousins, but they’re not the same person. Heck, they’re not even siblings. They’re cousins who live in the same town and hang out a lot and their parents (who are sisters) think they shouldn’t need any other friends because they birthed these two people who share some genetic things. But they’re still not siblings. And they’re definitely not the same person.

When you hide, you’re really in bad shape. You go very inward, in a way that doesn’t feel good. And it’s in those moments that you actually need other people. You need to feel heard. Your art needs to breathe. But somewhere, your EGO is telling you it’s like the apocalypse and you need to take cover.


If you’re in this place, I’m here to pull you out of the quicksand. Here’s the deal: it’s not the apocalypse. Death is hopefully not knocking on your door. You’re just an artist, writer, singer, entrepreneur, healer, coach, person who has so many ideas that you might explode so instead of exploding you’re hiding.

Newsflash: ideas cannot cause people to explode.

Now, I want to pause here and take a moment to honor the process of being quiet. Being quiet is different than hiding in that being quiet is a conscious choice a person makes, not a decision to EGO pushes you to take.

You know when you’re simply being quiet because you’re still processing ideas. You still hang out with your friends and family. You don’t think you’ve lost your mind. You don’t think the world has lost its mind. You might even write some ideas down and let them stew. You read things and consider varying opinions. You may feel angry, but you don’t lash out.

You’re not stuffing…you’re just: being quiet.

I believe so deeply in being quiet. About 6 months before I got sober in 2004, I listened to that song “These Days” by Nico on repeat. I had seen The Royal Tenenbaums and loved that soundtrack.

I’ve been out walking
I don’t do too much talking, these days –
These days … These days I seem to think a lot,
About the things that I forgot to do
And all the times I had the chance to

Something about this song resonated with me, deeply. I know, I know I can be dramatic. But hell, I enjoy the crap out of my life. The ups, downs and in betweens.

How can you shift from hiding into being quiet? Damned if I know.

Just kidding! I’ve got tools, kids.

For me, because I did hide out A LOT when I was younger, I have several things that I do to push myself out of hiding and into the world, quietly. 100% of these tools someone else gave to me.

  1. Show up for everything, even when you don’t want to. Don’t go overboard. Just be there.
  2. Call your friends and tell them you’re struggling.
  3. Go see a therapist.
  4. Do The Artist’s Way
  5. Watch a comedy.
  6. Write your ideas down.
  7. Talk nicely to yourself.
  8. Help someone else.
  9. Pray.
  10. Dance.

This assumes you’re not suffering from clinical depression, in which case you need to get to a doctor. This assumes you’re just in an artists rut and you don’t think you can dig out of it at the moment.

I promise you can.

Dig baby, dig.

Oh, point #3.

Churning out “Content” vs. Creating Stuff

There are people who are on the entire opposite end of this spectrum that probably either scare the living crap out of you or make you think you need to do it like them in order to succeed. These are The Churners.

The Churners can churn out content like it’s life or death. Maybe it is to them. Who knows? You see these people churning out so much content with such voracity that you think you need to do that, too.

Pause for a moment and get quiet.

Don’t hide.


Decide what YOU think about this type of “artistry.” Is this the type of art you want to create? If it is, please help me to understand why. I’m all for creating day in and day out, but you don’t need to share it all with everyone in real time. I’m 100% against this. I think it’s energetically damaging.

Churning out content is garbage.

I think it’s for people who are scared.

Creating stuff takes discipline and an aesthetic commitment. When you’re an entrepreneur, writer or artist…you need to have an aesthetic standard for what you’re doing or else what you create will be at a level decided upon by the masses and the problem with this is that the masses are looking to you for your expert advice, ideas or work but you’re letting THEM steer the ship.

It can’t end well.

Creating stuff is where the future of everything worthwhile in life is really headed. You’re either going to be churning out crank content and bullshit ideas hourly or you’re going to be creating meaningful work over time.
It’s your call…who do you choose to be?

Everything is a choice. Fate can only take you so far. When the Universe delivers people, opportunities and ideas to you, it is always going to fall back on the choices you make that will dictate your future. So, choose wisely.

I’m really interested to hear your thoughts on these interwoven topics

Failing vs. Not Really Trying

Being Quiet vs. Hiding

Churning out “Content” vs. Creating Stuff

Where are you right now in your creative journey?

How can you create something with deeper impact that you won’t regret later?

What can you do today that you’ve been putting off?

Love to hear YOUR thoughts!




You’re probably reading this because you want to know if Call to Action is a scam or if it’s legit (cliff notes version—it’s not a scam). This is a Call to Action Review, so if you like reviews…read on.

In this Call to Action Review, I’m going to show you how I first came across Ramit’s stuff (because everyone loves to find out how someone else entered down the rabbit hole of an Internet guru’s world), 5 things I learned through the process of investing in the course and implementing the content, an FAQ section around the course and who it might be good for and not good for, and finally…what my numbers have been like since investing.

As I was writing the outline for this Call to Action Review (a simple but critical tool I picked up in CTA) I was trying to put a timeline together. A little walk down memory lane. In 2011, Amanda Steinberg introduced me to Ramit Sethi’s work. She’s a Philly native and I had met her via Gabby Bernstein through RHH Live circa 2010.

Amanda is the founder and co-founder of DailyWorth.com and WorthFM.com which are amazing sites for women who want to become financially empowered and savvy investors. Highly recommend.

Since I trusted (and still do) Amanda, I checked out iwillteachyoutoberich.com and immediately resonated with Ramit’s humor and found the content to be really smart and genuinely helpful. I went five years without buying anything from him but he never kicked me off his list because I was just a “reader” not an actual buyer.

Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 9.04.44 AM

Is it lame that I was concerned about this? No, because I know you’ve wondered this, too…if you’ve ever been a long-term reader of someone who sells information online but never bought anything from them.

Over the years I’ve specifically used Ramit’s content to get a better job with a 40 percent increase in salary alone using the briefcase technique and have also used a lot of his content in general to figure out how not to be socially awkward at times.

Thanks, Ramit!

Summer of 2015, I (and the rest of his gazillion readers) got an email from Ramit about some course he’s in the middle of launching. If you’re on his list, you know this happens all the damn time…but because his content is so good…you still read most of his emails because they provide so much value while at the same time being very entertaining.

I emailed him a question and then got this response:


Am I the only person who would literally cringe upon getting this response from Ramit? I doubt it. It was in that moment that I realized who I was in person (most of the time) was coming across very differently online.

Since you’re reading this, you’re concerned about your own copy skills…imagine this: you talk one way…but when you write it’s almost as if aliens have invaded your brain and the words you get out onto the screen sound like some encyclopedia or even worse (like me) someone apologizing for being alive.

Even though I had been writing religiously since I was like 7 years old (poetry and screenplays), had an article actually published in a real book and had also run a moderately successful blog about being me (I cringe at that blog but whatever it was cathartic), this response from Ramit about sums up how I wrote.

Reality Check: your writing is truly the final frontier, and yes, your insecurities can and will show up in your blog posts, emails and any other written content you put out there so you really need to handle that quickly if you have or want to run a successful online business.

If you always let your insecurities lead the way during in person conversations…your business or career would seriously suffer. When you’re online, you don’t have the benefit of making eye contact, cracking jokes or catching a vibe off the person you’re communicating with…so it’s super important to be able to communicate really effectively otherwise you will lose readers, prospects and clients.


Fast forward to November 2015. I had recently come up with an idea that would require me to become a more proficient writer. I know this might sound totally crazy because I just said my writing didn’t come off as incredibly confident, but I’ve always been a good writer…it was just that I was missing something when it came to copy. I’ll also say that not every online business owner would call themselves a writer, so I saw how I could fulfill a need.

Even though I want to share how I went through this whole thing…you have to remember that I’m doing this so it might help you make your decision. So, let me take a moment here to bring something else up, one of my problems in the past was decision making. So….

Public Service Announcement:

When you’re making this decision to buy or not to buy Call to Action, I want you to consider something.

When you make a decision, do you

  • go with your gut instinct
  • impulse buy or
  • ruminate on a decision for far too long

(Notice how I separated going with your gut and impulse buying—they’re two totally different things). If you’re an impulse buyer, I don’t know what to tell you. I can’t relate because I used to fall into the last category.

If you also fall into the last category, read this post but give yourself the gift of making a damn decision. Yes, or no. Don’t ruminate on this or put it off until next year if you think you want to do it…because I 100 percent guarantee that this is a problem outside of simply buying this course. And every time you actually make a decision now, instead of putting it off until later, you’re creating a new, more powerful habit that will save you time and help you become much more confident person.

Confession: Like seven years ago, I was proud to say that I spent approximately five months without a car (and I was in outside sales at the time)! Yes, I would drive my then husband nuts by borrowing his massive Ford F150 to go to my appointments because I was RRREALLLLLYYYYYYY thinking about what my next car should be. Looking back…I think this is completely unacceptable. But at the time, it was my normal.


Notice how happy I am after making a damn decision.

Any big purchase (or small, in fact) had to be scrutinized and determined to be the BEST decision. Very little room for error. There were other dynamics going on here that were not all me, but this isn’t about that…this is about how you need to read the info from Ramit on Call to Action, listen to his videos and basically decide if you want to invest in a copywriting course.

Back to November. Leading up to Call to Action’s initial launch, I had decided to become a copywriter. Like I mentioned earlier, I had been writing religiously since I was around 7 years old but hadn’t quite “broken through” to any kind of mainstream success, but I was and am a good writer so I knew this could be fun, beneficial for my future clients and profitable.

Tie that in with the fact that I had been in sales since I was in college (starting with Phone-A-Thon for Fordham College Rose Hill, Go Rams) I figured creating persuasive copy and engaging content to keep readers and clients engaged was a brilliant combo of two things I’m good at and I enjoy.

I knew I would need some help so that I could take all my mad skills and translate them into catchy copy on the regular. I did read some books on copywriting but I wanted something really substantial from someone who had recently (in the past 10 years) grown an online business.

When I saw Ramit was offering this Call to Action Course I was so excited that I could finally call myself a proud #studentforlife in the I Will Teach You to Be Rich family. For me, the decision was really clear and easy

So, what the hell happened once I got into the course and what have I learned?

  1. Making the decision to invest in something should really be very easy and also instill confidence.
    • Ramit is obviously a savvy marketer. This means his copy is on point. His research is on point. His content is on point. If you’re not sure whether or not you should join the course, this problem is most likely in you. While Ramit did discuss failed launches in this course (which means he’s not 100% on point every time), I pretty much know his sales pages generally answer every question I have and if I have any lingering questions I can email IWT people and someone from his team will get back to me quickly. Whenever I’ve been unsure about something…I was really just scared of something. Saying “yes” or “no” is incredibly freeing. Try it.
  2. Tracking my KPM’s is the key to getting serious about what you’re doing.
    • Key Performance Metrics are a big part of CTA. If you don’t know where you’re starting from, how can you track any progress? In looking at my own numbers (page views, opt-ins and any sales conversions) …it was really hard. I explain why below…but I do it now because I’m serious about growing this business.
  3. Saying “I” all the time isn’t ever a good thing. Especially in your copy.
    • I’m sober nearly 12 years. I became an adult in “the program.” Part of recovery-speak is not telling people what to do. So, you basically answer people’s questions by explaining how you’ve had a similar experience. You say “I” a whole lot. But in real life…people think that’s incredibly self-centered. And you know what…it kind of is. I don’t think everyone out there blogging is actually sharing about their opinion and saying “I” all the time because they’re self-centered. I think there is also this want to NOT tell people what to do and not come off like a know-it-all. Understand that when you’re writing copy, it’s far more powerful to speak TO a specific person by saying “you” or NOT saying “I” and just get over yourself. There’s a balance to sharing personal stories and giving good advice to people. When you’re in business, your prospects and clients expect you to provide solutions…so drop the “I” statements and replace them with “you” statements. Relate things to how your solution will benefit them.
  4. Growing a TARGETED email list is super important.
    • Even if I could add more people to my list faster with a broader topic…I wouldn’t want to. This course has hammered home the importance of speaking to a specific person and providing solutions to that person. The more focused you are, the easier it is to get results faster (results for me = clients not just subscribers).
  5. Being specific trumps being creative.
    • Such a hard one for this grasshopper to understand (being a poet and a screenwriter). When you speak to numbers, conversions, results that you’ve provided your other clients…people’s ears perk up. In a day and age where smoke and mirrors is a real thing, people respond to tangible results.

Now, let me breakdown what the course is like.

The course is broken into 8 Modules with bonuses for each Module found in what Ramit refers to as the “Vault.” Each Module has a ton of written content, plus a video with transcript and separate audio file of just the audio that you can hear in the video. I really appreciated all of the different ways to absorb the content because I listened to it while I was driving, so audio worked well for me.

Fun Fact: the opening music in the videos reminded me of the theme music from Nip/Tuck. When Ramit’s voice would pop up, I would be snapped back into the reality that I wasn’t going to be watching trashy TV, but enriching my life by honing a skill.

It was truly bittersweet.

Embarrassing Confession:

I’ll also add that it was during Call to Action that Ramit became like a professor to me…and I had to stop following him on Instagram because of his posts of him in the gym which were making the wiring in my brain go kind of wonky. I needed to stay on track with his lessons and his biceps were clouding my focus. I wish I was joking. Really hoping if he reads this he doesn’t take this the wrong way. It’s a compliment.

I found the Vaults to be filled with really useful content. You’ll find behind the scenes videos of Ramit with students in a classroom setting or some of his copywriting coaches doing tear downs of other students writing.

My favorite part of the content was probably when Ramit would actually review copy of some of his students one-on-one. Why did I love this part? Because not every student had INSANE results. Some were growing slowly, but were clearly committed to making it work.

It was good to see people at a level I could relate to.

This course is still really early and I really only began implementing in Dec/Jan. So, I’ll give you a breakdown of how I’ve done since “officially” becoming a copywriter.

Time Frame: 4.5 months

New Writing Clients: 4

Income: a range from $300-$1000 per month (depends on how much work I can do in a given month some of this has come in the form of a check…here’s a screenshot of my paypal from April. I can’t show you my check deposits because it’s just too difficult, but I do have another client who’s not appearing on here and my rates are standard from client to client).

5 Email Subsribers in 2015 (2)


New Subscribers: 18 (basically for a brand-new business and these are highly targeted people). Here’s a screen shot of this new subs.

5 Email Subsribers in 2015

5 Email Subsribers in 2015 (1)

Other Anecdotal Improvements: My Opt-In went from really crappy to really good!

Before: (I told people I would send them new “stuff.” Really compelling, I know. 

Alison Before CTA

After: Specific Call To Action for targeted group of people who need help with writing. 

Alison After CTA

So I didn’t add 400 people to my list. I now know that I can and I know that I will.

My goals with my copywriting business are to grow my email list to over 1000 people by the end of the year and replace my full-time job at some reasonable point (need to get clarity around timing here…but most likely spring/summer 2017).

I’ll also add that given more time, I could grow this substantially faster. I started and grew an offline business several years ago pretty fast, but divorce brings change so that’s over now.

I know that hard work + focus + winning strategy = results. The reality of my results is this: I got the results I was looking for. To make money through my writing alone. 

As I become more focused on different results, the outcome will also improve.

I’m really happy with my conversions and I know I have a course I can use to help me throughout my growth.



  1. Lifetime access. You can buy the course and go through it right away, or put it down and come back to it later.
  2. High quality. The video, audio and overall feel of the course is really high quality. The content itself is also really high.
  3. Multifaceted approach. From audio, to visual to case studies…there were many different learning styles that they took into account when creating this course.


  1. Community is hard to engage with. The course does have a comment section but the space is limited to actually comment (300 characters) and you really don’t know if someone comments back to you unless you go in repeatedly to check.
  2. Table of contents is not thorough. A couple of times I wanted to find something really quickly, but found the table of contents didn’t really identify something I knew was in one of the Modules.

Who is this course great for?

If you’re someone who already has experience with running an online business but aren’t sure exactly how to create your opt-in so it converts, this would be a great course for you. If you know you need to set up a funnel and need specific help with exactly what to say and how to say it, this course would be great for you. If your sales pages need an overhaul…this course would be great for you.

Also great for people who are self-starters and can stay on task. Doing a self-study course takes discipline, so you need to be able to stay focused without someone keeping you on task.

Who is this course NOT great for?

I’d say this course might seem a bit too detailed if you’re unfamiliar with the basics of running an online business or are technologically stuck with no support. This course isn’t exactly about the nuts and bolts of running an online business, but more so how to communicate that business in the most persuasive way possible so people buy your product or service.

This course is not great for you if you’ve taken a bunch of online courses but failed to implement what you learned unless you just like collecting courses…which hey, perhaps you do. If you need a community to engage with or a person to really hand hold you (which is totally fine if that’s your style) you may find those aspects lacking here.

How would I compare Call to Action to other courses?

I’m a Marie Forleo BSchool and RHH Live alumni dating back to 2010, you can say I’ve had my share of online marketing courses. I even did something with Ali Brown in 2009 or 2010…so I know the nuts and bolts of online marketing.

The thing with CTA in comparison to courses that teach online marketing is this: once you learn how to pick your niche, set up your opt-in, have a grasp on how to set up a funnel and convert prospects…if you’re struggling at that point you might need to look at your copy.

I also log in to the course site REGULARLY (several times a week) whereas other courses I rarely go into to pull info from. To me, this is a sign of an awesome course.

This course is about how to exactly position all that stuff in a way that is really easy for people to resonate with. The reason I chose this course over Marie and Laura’s Copywriting course is because I wanted to expand my horizons and hear a different voice.

I love Marie and Laura…just wanted to see what Ramit’s paid content was like.

Fun Discovery: Ramit’s stuff is best in class when it comes to course material and content.

You’re ready to buy, what should you do to prepare?

Well, be prepared to work. This is hard work. Ramit’s standards for blogging and sending emails are high. You’re not going to learn how to write a quick 300-word blog post that will convert 50 people. His philosophy is to write exceptional blog posts and emails so that you set yourself apart from your competition and solve problems that your prospects have that no one else is able to solve or able to articulate.

In conclusion: I’m really happy I FINALLY invested in an IWT course. 2015 was a life changing year for me. In the midst of it all, I wanted to finally get paid for being a writer. And guess what? I did that. CTA was a catalyst for so much growth around my writing and how I can better serve my clients.

Around Good Friday of this year (I know this because I was off work that day), I got an email that all CTA students also received inviting me to share my results with Ramit and team for a chance to win a day long intensive with him. It was based on writing improvement and actual numbers. I knew I didn’t have the kind of results that I imagine some people had. This was a feature for students in the first round of CTA.

Since I wanted to follow through on the whole course, I looked at this application sharing my results for a chance to win this weekend, as a part of the course. So, I dedicated a few hours to the application and applied. I didn’t apologize for my results or try and sugar coat anything. I felt really proud of how much my writing had improved and I applied more to prove to myself that I was still really serious about my writing.

I was then invited to share my story in an interview for some sales material and/or GrowthLab. This was such a fun experience. Again, I wouldn’t have done that had I not been a Student For Life. Over the years I’ve seen how important it is to continually put myself out there in a high quality way because most people won’t even do that. So, simply participating can set you apart from the riff raff.

This course was a reminder of staying focused on what I want to do. Getting insight into how other small-business owners grew their businesses was motivation to keep going. I’m so happy Ramit called me out about how I phrased my questions because it forced me to look at my own communication style and make changes to the things I have control over and let the rest go.

If you have any questions I haven’t addressed in this post, comment below or feel free to email me. alisonhummel@gmail.com



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One of the most expensive mistakes you’re making right now in your business is being emotionally attached to your writing.

Is This Your Face When You See Someone Post That They Landed Clients Through a SINGLE EMAIL, FB POST or INSTAGRAM PIC?


What if I told you that you could make some small changes to your copy and see BIG results (i.e., more leads, sales and revenue)?

When I was in college and took a writing workshop, the first lesson our professor gave us was that when we brought in a piece of writing for the other students to workshop, we were not allowed to apologize for the writing when we were presenting it to the class.


“I know this isn’t my best writing…” and then present the piece of writing.


“I wrote this really late last night and I know it needs work…” and then present the piece of writing.

All you could do was present the damn writing and let it speak for itself.

If you start out by DEFENDING your writing with an excuse for WHY your writing SUCKS that spells DISASTER.


If you think your writing is the BOMB DOT COM and you’re expecting people to give you a standing ovation you’re in for a rude awakening.

The second lesson our professor gave us was that we weren’t allowed to have an emotional reaction to the feedback we received about out writing.

A sign that you’re not interested in REALLY generating better leads, more sales and more revenue is that you’re unwilling to improve your copy.

Listen, you could read all of the copy tips in the world but if you’re not emotionally prepared to print out a blog post and mark up that post with lots of red ink, then you’re really not ready to write effective copy. If you can’t even mark up your own posts…do you think you’re ready to let someone else give you edits and suggestions on your copy?

If you’re not willing to admit your copy quite possibly SUCKS then you’re really not ready to consistently bring in new clients.


Are you REALLY ready to get more clients?

Here’s what I want you to know about me. I have been a writer for as long as I could actually write. I’ve taken workshops, hired editors and received tons of rejection for my writing.


I’m basically convinced that 90 percent of the stuff I write is crap.

So what does that mean?

Should I quit?

Nope. Not me. I’ve learned that if I’m not willing to walk away from writing…and 90 percent of my writing is actually crap…I need to write a TON of stuff so that I can post only the best.

I’ve been writing since I was 6. Tons of writing.

If you’re embarrassed that your posts aren’t getting any comments or likes…

do not feel bad!

Writing is incredibly hard. But that doesn’t mean you can’t master it and use copywriting to LITERALLY bring in more leads, clients and revenue.

Let me say that again: if you improve your copywriting skills you are guaranteed to bring in more leads, clients and revenue.


You’re in business, right?

Tell your ego you’re busy in your business right now and rip your own writing a new one.

Pick ONE THING that you KNOW can bring the biggest result in your business and make it so good that people are begging you to chat.

If you really want to check your ego at the door…sign up for a copy tear down and let’s get busy on a discovery call where I edit your copy for you. Live.

1. You cannot give a disclaimer about the piece we’re editing.
2. You cannot have an emotional response to my feedback.

Think you can hang?

Want more clients?

Let’s do this.





When I Threw Out These Old Boots I Never Realized It Would Impact My Business…What Are YOU Holding Onto That You KNOW You Need To Trash?

You’re worthy of receiving everything you desire and even more than that. You’re worthy…because that’s how God made you. An abundant, rich and easily fulfilled being. Beaming with energy, love and the power to focus.

But…somewhere along the way you might have bought into some stuff that is getting you tripped up. And, you need to throw it away. Right now.

Good news? Boom. You get upgraded.

Embarrassing Story Alert!

I fell down and skinned my knees like 3 weeks ago. We’re talking blood, massive bruises, my favorite sweatpants all torn up.

How did this happen?

Well since I don’t drink or use any other substances…that’s out of the picture.

Slipped on ice, you may be wondering?


The cause of the fall is a pair of boots that have LITERALLY been an accident waiting to happen for 2+ years now. Yup. I WOULD NOT THROW THEM AWAY. Even though I had tripped wearing them before (several times)!

They were North Face–a good and reliable brand, right?

North Face is an awesome brand, but they had designed the boots with really large hooks that the laces would catch on, making it really hard to walk without tripping and/or falling.

Even though I had tripped on these boots multiple times…I put more faith in the brand than my own discernment to move onto another pair. Ok, maybe I was also pissed that they were crappily made.


I was equally annoyed that I would have to go out and find another pair. I can be a bit finicky about my time. Like, the idea that I had already dedicated 2 hours to schlepping to and from the mall, trying on boots only to have to do it all over again…!? No, I’d rather “MAKE IT WORK” with the ones I had already bought.

In the past, when I wore them (which was only a handful of times per winter, cuz we don’t get tons of snow)…I wasn’t carrying my 3 year old. This time, I was. And I had to protect him before myself so…I literally put all of my holy-crap-I’m-falling-down weight on my knees and elbows, while I braced his head and aimed him for this small bush I saw.

This all happened in a matter of seconds. And luckily he didn’t have any injuries at all. Mama Bear Mode FTW!

The next day I threw the boots away immediately. And bought boots that are devoid of any hooks. Haven’t had any trouble since.

How is this SAME EXACT SCENARIO manifesting itself in your business?
What idea have you bought into that no longer serves you?
What (expensive) program have you actually bought that just didn’t work for your business?

I’m sooooo not judging you. (Remember, I just told you I skinned my knees and I’m a grown ass woman). I’m simply here to share this insight with you.

If you continue to TRY AND MAKE IT WORK with those outdated ideas:
*you have to pay your dues
*you need to do free work to gather testimonials
*you need to charge low rates and then work your way up
*you need to do a group program

You will fall down and hurt yourself in some way.

Maybe not literally, but your business will. And the most fascinating thing I can tell you is that YOU ACTUALLY KNOW THIS. But you’re choosing denial right now over decisive action.

I crashed pretty hard. But maybe you don’t have to. Maybe you’re reading this and it’s a wake up call for you to see that what you’ve been doing isn’t working.

That course you invested in…though it’s high quality, it’s not working for you.

Those ideas that might have worked for someone else…they just don’t resonate with you anymore.

You can’t get the time back you’ve already invested, but you can stop wasting MORE time. You can stop right now and realize that you’re shooting yourself in the foot by forcing someone else’s solution to work in your life.

And as an added bonus—you can still think the people who created the course or who gave you those ideas…are awesome. Same way I still love my cozy North Face jacket. We don’t do all or nothing.

But we do have boundaries when it comes to what’s good for our lives and what isn’t.

Let’s discuss what’s on the other side of this big business purge:
Ideal Clients Who Are Ready To Pay You EXACTLY What You Desire.
Clients who are committed to doing the work. They’re not just here looking for a Magic Pill one afternoon to help them shift something energetically.

Sure, you can do that…but I’m talking about those clients who are so into the work and so invested they can’t help but rise to a new level of success and abundance.

Wouldn’t you LOVE to meet those clients?

Well…if you’re spending so much time trying to make that other crap work…you’re actually pushing those people away from you.

If you’re interested in learning how to open your mind to a different way of running your business…I invite you to sign up for a discovery session. It’s totally confidential and you even get the recording.

The Discovery Session is part Copywriting Teardown, part Future Tripping (the good kind).

You show me your copy and I’ll dig deep.
Then we focus on where you want to go and how we can use language to captivate your ideal clients so they identify with you quickly, effortlessly and harmoniously.

XO Alison

PS…for a discovery session click here and I’ll get you all set up.


Welcome to #metamondays where I write about….yup, you guessed it…WRITING!

Before we begin, let me suggest that you follow me on

Periscope: @alisonhummel
Twitter: @alisonhummel
Snapchat: @alison.hummel
Instagram: @alison.hummel

Why? Because I’m going to be digging in to the different topics that I discuss in my blog on those platforms and it’s fun! While I adore writing, being a screenwriter….something that really tickles me is when words jump off the page and come to life on the screen. So, taking it to other mediums kind of itches that scratch for me.

I wanted to begin with an “Alison-Rant” (read: kinda rant-y but not too off the wall)

What is this rant about?

Copywriting Templates for your website!

I don’t like them. Why? Because I’ve personally used them and felt all icky and weird for the few days I had the template with my fill in the blanks up on my website.

While they are usually shared by other writers to be useful to non-writers, they will give you a crutch that you really don’t need and can’t afford early on in your business.

Let me acknowledge how frustrating it can be to sit down at the computer and try to write something and not come up with anything.


But listen, even though writing can be frustrating, it’s not an excuse to use templates. I’m gonna push you. Here are three reasons why templates don’t work:

  1. Acceptable Laziness
  2. Reinforcing A Bad Habit
  3. Voice Problems

Let’s dig right in with number one: Acceptable Laziness. In business, we often look to our peers for ideas, support and solutions to problems that perplex us. You have your business (or idea) you get your website, domain and maybe even an email platform to collect email addresses with.

You’re feeling pretty fancy and then something strikes you. You have to come up with STUFF to put on a bunch of different pages that explains ::gasp:: YOU and your business. And you need it to be compelling, interesting, catchy or funny. Something that will grab your readers attention and make them trust you.

Oy! That’s a tall order. Frozen, you try to come up with a bandaid to the problem. You venture down the rabbit hole of “getting ideas” from other people in the online space. You check out other peoples sites, blogs, yotube channels, snapchats, twitter feeds, FB pages, etc.

Hours months later, you emerge, still in the same place you were when you began: with a semi-filled-out website, nary a customer in sight and lots of reasons why Susie Sunshine is amazing and you (obviously!) suck and should take down any traces of life online.

You then find the holy grail for the tongue-tied-preneur: TEMPLATES.

You download several templates and begin feverishly filling them in with your information. It’s kind of amazing. As you’re posting the templates onto your blog you catch yourself looking around to see if anyone has noticed.

No one has. And you feel like you’ve gotten away with something.

I’m gonna go ahead and burst your bubble: You Have Not.

You got lazy and you downloaded something that was not yours. Granted, you didn’t plagiarize but that bar is so damn low, I wouldn’t use “not plagiarizing” as a bar to not dip below.

You gotta dig deep…laziness will NOT be tolerated in business. So you have to toss that template.

Now let’s look at a close friend of point number one: Reinforcing a Bad Habit.

Let’s assume you’ve made it a couple of months with your template workin’ for you on your site. Maybe you’ve even gotten some clients in the interim. You’re thinking you’re in the clear.


You have to write some more.

And let’s be real: you KNOW you have an online business and that means creating content (AKA writing blog posts as one form of content) and that means you are going to have to get real about what you’re writing.

I remember when I was in a basketball camp a while back (grade school). There was some motivational saying that really stuck with me:

“Practice doesn’t make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect.”

I’m not suggesting you shoot for perfection, but I am suggesting that whatever your’re doing today is reinforcing that habit for your future. If you’re using other people’s writing to get you through your early days in business, you will need other people’s writing to get you through your next phase as well.

You cannot improve on a skill if you don’t acknowledge you need help and actually work at it. You will need to put in the time of writing to learn how to do it and learn what it feels like to bang it out. It feels kind of difficult but rewarding when you get it done.

I’m going old-school psychology on you here now: Albert Bandura has this term he came up with called “self-efficacy” it means one’s specific belief in one’s own ability to accomplish a task. One’s sense of self-efficacy can play a major role in how one approaches goals, tasks and challenges.

Yes, becoming the type of person who believes that they can accomplish their goals starts out in early childhood, but if you come from a place of not believing in yourself, it doesn’t mean you should throw in the towel because your childhood was a little (or even a lot) rocky.

There are four major sources of self efficacy:

  1. Master Experiences. This means setting a small goal and mastering it. So, in the case of learning to write for your own business…that means picking a part of your site that you are going to write. Start with something other than your about me page (that one can be really hard because you’re talking about yourself. How about starting with your services.
  2. Social Modeling. If you’re hanging out in the crew of people who use templates, that’s going to be a detriment here. So, find people who have learned writing and hang with them. Read articles about people who became successful online.
  3. Social Persuasion. You could actually be talked into believing in yourself. Let me do that for you: writing is a bitch. It’s not just you. If you bang away at the keyboard long enough and do enough EDITING…you will become a decent writer.
  4. Psychological Responses. If you associate writing with stress, you will naturally keep on finding it stressful. Instead, make it soothing. Make a cup of tea, light a candle and sit down to write (if you’re doing it at home).

Any way you approach writing or doing anything for your business will have an impact on how you do it in the future. Bad habits can be broken, but not without care and concern

Tactical problems are bad but creative problems personally offend me. Hence my next point: Voice Problems.

In writing, there is something known as the writers “voice.” This is the way you say things that makes something uniquely yours. Odds are really good that you don’t talk like Susie Sunshine.

Even though you do the same thing as Susie, she has her own way of being in the world and that includes how she communicates with people.

If you’re using a template, you’re actually tapping into someone else’s voice and that will not only create a bad habit, it won’t allow you to naturally connect with people. Have you ever tried to be more outgoing at a networking event (if you’re not naturally outgoing)?

It’s friggin exhausting. I know because I’ve done that before. It’s not to say that networking events aren’t tiring or that writing is easy when you learn how to do it on your own. But what it does mean is, when you’re borrowing someone else’s voice, you have this kind of icky feeling because you know it’s not you.

You got into business so that you could impact people and not have to answer to someone (a boss) who is dictating your every move. So why give away your personality to someone else’s voice?

You can do better than that.

So we’ve covered a lot. Templates mean well, but they might be crippling your growth.

As an alternative, I encourage you to engage with me on any of the platforms I listed above and ask me questions about writing and how you can breakthrough. You CAN do this. I am here to support you.

Also, defining your own voice is the first step you need to accomplish in branding. You’ve seen all the best online business owners with the BEST branding. But none of them started out that way. The cheapest way to identify our online personality is through your writing.

How you say things, whether or not you curse, it you throw a hashtag in here and there or if you’re vehemently against using words like “amazeballs” and “awesomesauce” (please god tell me you are)…whatever your personality is, through continued writing…you will find out more about yourself and how to communicate your personality through your writing.

I LOVE writing. I dislike the actual act of writing at times, but there is something about learning what I believe in, how I say things and connecting with others that just makes me happy. Writing is one way that I can do that.

It is my goal to help you find your own voice and develop some discipline around writing so when you look at your own site you feel like this:


Not like this:


Thanks for reading…and check back next week because I am going to dish out a few alternatives to the template. But since you’ve read all the way down to here I wanted to give you a tip on how to find your voice.

  1. Pick a memorable experience from the age of 8-11.
  2. Write it down in first person.
  3. Find a moral to the story.
  4. Tie the moral of the story to your business.

Now, in the comments below…share something with me about YOUR experiences with templates or even my writing prompt I just gave you.


I literally just finished reading Hesitation Wounds by Amy Koppelman. I cried several times beginning in the second part of the book. **This contains plot points and spoilers.**

I’ve been reading it for about two weeks now, but Christmas was in the middle of those weeks so it sat on my bureau for much of that time. I’ve been distancing myself from darker stories because of my personal life (not directly related to the topics the book deals with, but have been wanting to keep it light and funny as of late). But I knew I was committed to reading it…and so it served as a portal through some of those feelings.

The title Hesitation Wounds sets the stage for a visceral walk through a life filled with the things we all have to eventually deal with: love, loss, family, grieving and our own limitations.

This is what I know: The people who love you leave. But you already know that. We all thin we know. Yet somehow . . . at some point we are without. And it is like walking through life without the sky. Flight risk endangers those on land. Still I look for you. Absorbing impact in well-soled shoes. A sidewalk with bicyclists. Don’t step on the crack and so on. Betrayal—and that’s ultimately what we’re talking about here, don’t kid yourself—comes in many forms. Yours happens to be unadorned. Like how concrete when wept upon becomes slippery (Koppelman, 11).

Amy’s writing really made me focus on what the hell I was reading. It was not an “easy read” on any front: her style and the topic were both challenging. Thanks for pushing me, Amy.  If you’re looking for a light and easy read, I would look elsewhere.

Death, mental health, control, love, abandonment, surrender. These were the words that kept floating around in the background of my mind as I flipped through the pages.

Jumping back and forth through Dr. Susanna Seligers childhood, adolescence, young adulthood and present day…we witness the unraveling and recreation of a woman who is aware of her own defense mechanisms but who is, at times, unable to (or unwilling to) walk away from these defense mechanisms to live a thriving, rich life.

Susa (her nickname) possibly hides from her own wounds by doctoring her clinically depressed and treatment resistant patients.  As Susa steps away from her practice, she seems to finally emerge into her own life, when problems in her romantic relationship become too obvious to ignore.

Suza dances between the idea of tragic experiences happening to her and, later, wondering if she had always known the tragedy was coming upon her whilst she willinginly denies the signs.

She grapples with her role in these tragedies. I would imagine anyone who has had to deal with loss spends time in this mental loop.

Could she have done more?

Did she miss something?

But let’s say instead of rolling my eyes, I had brought you tea, tucked you beneath the quilt, waited at the end of your bed while you slept. If I were to have understood, have recognized what you were asking. If, instead of calling you crazy I said I was willing to go with you? Could I have? Because I would have, you know. I would have done anything– if I had understood, if I knew you were testing me– I would have climbed into that sailboat, Daniel I would have met you there (101).

Here I sense her regret. Of not paying closer attention. Of not reading between the lines. Something, the reader learns she will not allow herself to do in future relationships as she moves past this event.

She was a virgin to the sudden and jarring experience of this loss. [On the last page, we will come to learn that, upon reflection, she is able to see things that she could not have expected herself to see in real time. An act of self-forgiveness.]

…no matter how infinitesimally small it is, there is a measure of time between when something happens and when you realize it happened. What I didn’t understand until after everything* happened is that your light had already been stolen. I just didn’t realize it was gone (187).

*Please see below, for what I believe, is her reference to “everything.”

But this experience (the tragedy that she spends the book grappling with, not her later awareness of her own innocence) was her awakening into a reality in which she would become so attentive of what makes other people tick, that she couldn’t possibly miss the signs of abandonment nearing towards her.

I can’t seem to find the next passage that I’m recalling, but Suza later questions whether or not she had known of Evan’s (her boyfriend) transgressions, and whether or not she turned a blind eye because she enjoyed the excitement it created. A literal example of not being a virgin to the sins of others. When I find the passage, I promise to add it in, for reference.

While the topic of abandonment seems obvious and possibly even played out (our society obnoxiously pushes for seeming caricatures of boring, old, average human-ness) Amy is able to address the dignity of living and dying with all of the tedious bumps and bruises you get in between, devoid of any angle or souped-up version of what this means.

I am, personally, more interested in the mundanities of life than the perfected and unrealistic versions of life we see portrayed through Social Media, reality tv, gossip rags and the news.

What I love about the book is Suza’s equal parts reluctance and commitment to push past her own limitations. It is such a clear theme and one that I hope people can relate to. When we remove the distractions, clutter and the garbage (toxic relationships, soul-sucking jobs, bad habits), we still have those pesky inner challenges that we must overcome if we decide to engage fully in our own lives.

After Suza has gone on her own Odyssey to become a mother and reconnect with her first love (major paraphrase here), we find her at the grave of her deceased brother (original tragedy she spent the book overcoming), snow falling around her and her daughter. When her daughter beckons her to catch a snowflake on her tongue, we hear Suza internally fumbling to decide whether or not she should or could stick her tongue out catch a snowflake.

But look at us. Mother and daughter. Arms locked. Tongues outstretched. Capturing magic.

Everything* (187).

This final moment captures the rich inner life that she, and many women, lead. While an onlooker might walk by and see a mother and daughter enjoying the snow and paying respects to a loved one, what is bubbling beneath the surface is Suza’s own choice to live or die. Sometimes hesitations wounds are not visible to the naked eye.

She chose to live.

My final review of Hesitation Wounds is a 5 out of 5 stars. I just made this rating system up completely on the fly. The reason I have given it a perfect score is because it challenged me as a reader and as a person. It was the perfect length. And it helped me to push through some challenging topics.

I highly recommend this book. You can buy it here.


Dear Alison,

You’re just getting your feet under you; and you have lots of ideas. Don’t let other peoples ideas become more important than your own. Listen to mentors, but don’t fear them. Look up to mentors, but don’t idolize them. In practical terms, don’t become a fangirl.

Only fangirl Leonardo DiCaprio.

That’s it.

Everyone is human. And they will inevitably let you down in some way because that’s part of the lesson you need to learn about other people. They’re not here to be your guidepost. You’re here to learn and grow and nurture your own ideas.

You will also figure out that helping others is really important. And you will dive into this will much of your being. It will be one on one. With people who need help. Don’t invest your entire being into them, in the same way you can’t idolize mentors.

You can share the what you have learned with them. But they might not want to do what is necessary. That’s not your problem. And it’s also not a judgment on them. Stop placing so much emphasis on others. Stop it.

Pray every single day. And meditate, too. Imagine that your life has a purpose and that God is guiding you. Because it’s true, if only you could see that.

Write way more than you will. Spend inordinate amounts of time honing your craft. You will think you’re too busy; but you’re free as a bird. You will ll eventually have to support a small life. And that’s when time will feel like it’s getting away from you.

Follow the whispers in your heart, not the fears in your head.

Allow others to be your friend and allow yourself to be a friend.

Be quiet when you want to be loud.

Know that every decision you make has a lasting impact on your future, but you can always choose a new path. Just because you wandered down that one path, you can always go off the path or even turn around and go back to a point and choose another path.

You will feel like you’re doing the opposite of progressing at those moments when you choose a different path, but that’s a lie to get you back onto the path you’ve been on.

It’s fear. It’s hungry for attention. Don’t take the bait.

Eat yummy food. Make yummy food.

Buy things when you can afford them. Give money away.

Try new things. This one seems so obvious and I almost don’t want to add it on here, but I feel it’s important. Your life will be as rich as you choose it to be. This means you will need to incorporate things that you presently know nothing about into your life.

Just do it. With conviction.

Know that you will feel awkward and weird when trying new things. But don’t let those weird feelings stop you from continuing to make a practice out of trying new things. That would be fear again. It’s like a little gremlin.

Quit your job that you don’t love and follow your passion. Whatever that is. Do this when you’re young because when you’re older you will have responsibilities and responsibilities is really code for bills and mouths to feed and that makes following a passion feel reckless and selfish and careless. And because you’re a good person you won’t be able to do it later on.

So do it now because you’re smart enough and you have enough grit to make it work. And even if it fails you’ve lived.

Go outside more often than you think is reasonable. Ride your bike when you feel like driving.

Don’t worry so much. But the only way you can do that is if you start listening to that small voice in your heart and not that big voice in your head. When you make decisions based on fear, worry just comes with the territory. You’ll worry about loved ones, their health, your health, if you’re doing it right, if you’re a bad person and a million other things.

But you won’t stop worrying until you sit down and really do the one thing that scares you the most.

I don’t have a time machine but I can tell you that you will make it. And it will be far better than you thought it could be, but not until you stop listening to fear and choose your heart instead.




Note to self: I need to bulk up on blog posts. For what purpose I have no real clue..other than I seem to run into writing droughts and during those droughts I would imagine I lose some readers. Ok that was me having a clue.

I was initially going to blame internet marketers at large for saying that I need to regularly post blogs, but that makes no sense. Yes, internet marketers seem to have a corner on getting paid to state the obvious but the truth still exists: when you read a blog and the blog owner goes missing, you probably stop reading the blog.

Well I haven’t gone missing in reality. In reality, I’m right here. Living my life, cleaning up spagetti off of everything, giving voice to those stuffed animals in my sons toy basket, meeting tons of really fascinating people through my job, driving 2000 miles a week and scratching my head at all of it. Am I doing it right? (Probably not, but I’m doing the very best I can.) Am I present? (When it matters, yes absolutely.) Do I need to fill my car up with gas (Yes of course I do.)

…wondering when I will again be able to write. For a moment there I just lost all access to words with any meaning. I had nothing. I would sit down to write and my brain would go blank. I was crumbling. I dropped 15 lbs in a matter of weeks (not by choice) and my head was literally and truly mass producing fear driven thoughts. Which, now that I think about it, is doubly-annoying seeing that when I would sit down to write—any thought at all would mockingly vanish from reach.

[insert image of me saying screw you thoughts and ideas!]

Oddly, I kept showing up for life. Every damn thing on my calendar. I slept fairly normally through it all, minus a handfull of panicked nights where I was nealry certain the thoughts I was thinking were actually true.

Generally speaking, however, I knew better than to fully buy into my fears. But they still wreaked havoc on my body. (Hence the weight loss). Now that I’m back on planet earth and have put on 5 lbs with my appetite fully functioning…I can say that I’ve gained a massive amount of perspective. Ok…massive is me being overly generous with myself.

In six months I’ve learned that life goes on. Time ticks on. I somehow cherish those moments of passing terror. I know that may sound strange, but there is an incredible grounding force after the anxiety leaves. My level of compassion: quadrupled. My level of appreciation for the mundanities of life: more than quadrupled.

Is it too soon to share this? I haven’t a freaking clue. I’m just happy to be writing again. And let me add that the ONLY way I have gotten though the past six months is with an immense amount of support from friends and family members. If you’re going through a hard time I promise you that isolating yourself from people will only make it worse.

I learned that about 11 years ago and have held onto that truth during any challenging time (and also just as a general rule of thumb when life is going swell). If you say you have no one who cares, find a church or 12 step meeting or support group and avail yourself to the angels who are walking the earth. They might be looking for someone to support and that person might just be you.