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Chameleons and Jim Carrey

The other day, I watched Jim Carrey’s commencement speech for Maharishi University. I have loved Jim Carrey since I first came across him as Fire Marshall Bill in the 90′s. A polarizing personality, his commitment to being absolutely ridiculous had me in awe. My inner people-pleaser felt completely freed and the real me grabbed a taste of what life could be like if I just didn’t give a shit what everyone wanted me to be.

There were different parts of his speech that I found profound, one of them being this quote:


How true that is. And how deep the ego, society or some little invisible gremlin living under my childhood bed has rooted that need for acceptance deep within me. There is a part of me that GRASPS how insane this is…but there is this other part of me that is more interested with other people accepting me.

Because I know how energy works (via The Law of Attraction), I am 100% certain that I can shift this belief to one of self-acceptance, self-love and living my life for ME so that others can feel free to do the same thing. 

Among other things, I am a writer. So that means I blog here…but I have also written a romantic comedy screenplay, tons of poetry and am presently working on a sci-fi action novel right now. On top of that, I’ve recently received the most amazing story idea for a screenplay that I just have to flesh out. I have also pursued, in fits and spurts, an acting career. It would go some places and then I would get infuriated by the business and walk away, never to act again.

These two passions of mine: writing and acting, have this surface level, fundamental need for acceptance. As a screenwriter, I cannot be satisfied in writing pages of words, as I do with my poetry, and feel contented to tuck them away under my pillow at night. A screenplay begs to be transformed into a film, so that real live people like you and me, can go and absorb the story through our eyes and ears in a theatre or in the comfort of our living rooms.

I have sent out query letters by the hundred maybe? And I have heard back from a couple that my screenplay ain’t that great (ACCORDING TO THEM). haha. I don’t care now. Because I love it. And I think it’s hilarious and quirky. So, whatever THEY think, just doesn’t bother me in this very moment right now.

At first, it STINGS like a bee…to hear that something you have poured your heart into is…well…just not acceptable. The irony within all of this, is that I agree with Jim Carrey…that this belief that my work needs to be accepted, that I need to be accepted…is the very reason why I am remaining invisible. Why my blog has some traction, but nary a viral post in sight.

I used to be stuck in this loop of not knowing how to stop. Like an addict, I would write and write, hoping upon hope that SOMEONE outside of me would grant me some kind of “REAL WRITER’S BADGE,” but that never really happened. So, I’ve granted it to myself.

Screen Shot 2014-06-07 at 9.30.46 AM

Here’s how it goes, I write, you read, watch or listen. And that’s it. I write for me. I write so that you can be freed from your own bullshit. My writing, including my blogs and all the other stuff I write is fucking awesome. I LOVE telling stories. And watching plots twist and turn and the people who interact within those plots rise above the hem and haw of daily life and become bigger than they think they are.

Which brings me to my chameleon.

I don’t own a chameleon, but I’ve played one on TV in real life.

Back when I was interviewing for jobs when I was around 24. I bought books on interviewing. I also googled the hell out of interviewing techniques. I was prepared for anything. Something that stood out to me was this notion of being a chameleon and how that’s supposedly a good thing. I read about this idea and I really ran with it, because it was ME. I wasn’t fibbing or fabricating the truth even a little bit. I was a full fledged chameleon.

Whoever I thought you wanted me to be, POOF…I could become that. I felt such an intense need to fulfill this role, that it was one of my best interview slam dunks. I had lots of ways I had done this in the past and had made myself very successful in doing this. Last night, as I was sitting on the sofa I glanced on the floor at my 19 month old son’s book.

The page read, “Who changes their skin color to stay hidden?” When you open the flap, “A Chameleon” is the answer…and there is a pretty picture of a chameleon. So there you have it, if you want to remain invisible…act like a chameleon! I realized that this need for acceptance had permeated my life very deeply. If you are interviewing for a job, please PLEASE do not use this as a tool. Words create our reality. And I promise you there is no job in the world that is worth you losing your own sense of inner direction. Do not become a chameleon.

There were many other points in Jim’s speech that I just loved, but I feel like I want to keep the focus here. On these points. When will you be ready to stop becoming the person other people need you to be? When will who you are be enough? I have decided that who I am right now is fucking awesome. And I’m 100% certain the same goes for you.

The next time you try to bend to please another person…STOP!

If you’re reading this and you have any interest in hearing about my other writing, send me an email. I’m always up to chat about that stuff. alisonhummel@gmail.com

Here is Jim Carrey’s full commencement speech.


Yesterday’s Abraham Workshop left a massive impact on me. One of the coolest discussions, for me personally, was the topic of holding patterns. There were so many first-timers there and I believe that had a massive impact on the energy. Everyone was full of joy, life and excitement. Abraham was funny and the time FLEW by.

I use the phrase “holding pattern”  to explain experiences in my life. Prior to having my son, my husband and I say we were in a 4 year long holding pattern. We were unsure of what we wanted to do next. We had nothing actually holding us from doing whatever we wanted, but we just didn’t have the inspiration to really create a new experience. We lived in a beautiful apartment. Had fantastic jobs. Traveled all over. Slept in if we wanted to. Ate out. Worked out. Went to the movies. Watched TV. I mean, it was just very relaxing and fun. It wasn’t all perfect, but in the essence of not wobbling (another topic from yesterday)…the overall vibration was very relaxing and fun.

But nothing was really happening. We didn’t know where we wanted to live, so we didn’t buy a home. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to be when I grew up, so I stayed in the same job for 4 years. We talked a LOT about different options. But never came to a definitive conclusion. Then, BOOM. We got pregnant. And that one experience literally changed everything, seemingly overnight.

Abraham talked about how Esther was on a flight and literally in a holding pattern circling over Baltimore due to the weather. She had appointments to meet, and things to do….but she was stuck on the plane. She had to surrender to that. There was a beautiful sunset out the window, and she began to talk with the woman next to her about that green flash that happens when the sun meets the horizon. She said she had looked for it hundreds of times and only saw it twice. Well, a minute later BOOM….green flash.

So, in her holding pattern, she experienced something very joyful. Then, the captain said they were running out of fuel and would inevitably have to land, which they did soon after. The point being, to ENJOY your holding pattern because there is beauty surrounding you and because you will eventually land. And when you do, your river will have picked up speed. Think about it: Esther had a lot to accomplish post-landing…because her appointments were all pushed back some. I can attest that after our 4 year long holding pattern, life got a LOT more complex!

So, I decided to practice enjoying a holding pattern at the break. I had really wanted to interact with Abraham (and did not get in the hot seat a this seminar)…but because I channel and I have been getting so many answers so quickly recently that I was more interested in having an exchange with Esther than Abraham…but I do still now I will exchange with Abraham in the hot seat and I know it will be profound.

Well, low and behold…I had 10 minutes to use the bathroom before the next segment began. There was an exceptionally long line for the bathroom. I thought about what to do. I had no choice really, I had to stand in line. “Well…I’ll just enjoy my holding pattern.” A second later, out walked Esther, and she came up and chatted with me about the bathroom and the line and this and that. I told her I was really enjoying my holding pattern! And I also told her I loved her. She gave me the biggest smile and nodded. So lovely.

After the day was over, I was reflecting on another topic that I often think about. Songs and the radio. These days, it’s so easy to download a song on iTunes and have it at my disposal. Whenever I want it. Yet, there is something so joyful about listening to the radio and hearing a song I love come on the radio. It feels like a true rendezvous with the song, as opposed to me “making it happen” by purchasing the song. In every way, me talking to Esther was just like having my favorite some come on the radio. It was a true rendezvous. I am now cultivating this idea more and more in my life. By practicing enjoying various holding patterns that I am experiencing.

If you are in a “holding pattern,” when you want something to manifest…but it just doesn’t seem to be happening…please…take it from me! Enjoy this time. Work on mastering appreciating what is and notice other things that you ARE manifesting. Know that this holding pattern is not eternal…it will end. And you will receive what you desire, so long as you relax into it. The river picks up so much speed and it is essential that you be able to enjoy your manifestations…through managing your emotional state, so practice that now…in your holding pattern!


More to come.

XO Alison


Between The Beating Of My Own Heart

As I sit here

Full of


My mind races to the guru’s

Those people on pedestals

I want to write them letters

Ask them questions

my body craves affirmation,

but my soul whispers questions.

then my mind searches for answers.

Google has become my God

In these moments

Hidden far away from

The Guru’s

The Google’s

The Golden Nuggets of Truth (that I find in pixels)

My soul burns deeply

Requesting subtle intention

I need more

I need to give more

No. Scratch that.

I need help.

And love

And courage

Where would You have me go?
Whom would You have me help?
What would You have me say?

(Is there anyway you could text the answers to me?)

My antenna isn’t working very well today.

I’m thirsty for the nectar that only You can provide.

I can no longer settle for ginger ale.

Where can I find that Sweet Nectar?

Alone in my meditation

Between breaths

Within the beating of my heart

I cry out for knowing

But I secretly cry out for love

If I feel loved, I feel complete

So here I sit

Awaiting the love I crave

Between Breaths

Within The Beating Of My Own Heart




We all have our sayings…or maybe I’m just one of those people who LOVES little sayings. One of my typical little ditties…is “It’s the little things in life…” Often, when someone compliments my sparkly shoes or a piece of jewelry, I thank them and then say that saying. Because, isn’t it true…that through ALL the hustle and bustle…all the awesome times, the low spots and everything in between, that there just seem to be these small things that either perk us up, ground us back to reality or serve as a “wink” from the Universe that everything is gonna be alright.

Well…I really believe this to be true. My personality is multi-faceted, but there are just certain THINGS that you will always see me doing, wearing, talking about or experiencing. And yes, I’m open to new experiences to add to my repertoire. In this segment on my blog, I will be sharing my first “little thing” that speaks to me.

In general, will be reviewing things that were a gift to me, things that I personally purchased or even things that you can get in nature. If you want to *possibly* be featured in this segment, simply email me alisonh@alisonhummel.com. I will let you know if I am interested in what you have to share with me and everyone who reads the blog. I won’t exclusively be reviewing things…so know that it will be a healthy mix.

Ahem, my first “little thing” was something my son and I came across while riding bikes. Okay, he’s only 1.5 so he doesn’t “ride” a bike…I ride him on his seat…but we do this everyday (weather permitting.) First, we ride by the goats around the corner. Sometimes we bring carrots. It’s such a relaxing experience to ride with him. There his little head is on the front of m’bike. Cute.


A couple of weeks ago, we came upon this house in West Cape May that has “OM rocks,” free to anyone who wants one. We picked this lovely purple one. Cash (my son) plays with it, along with some crystals of mine, or it just sits on my little altar.

OM Rock

When I see this rock, I think of the meaning of OM. Wow…how powerful is that. Can’t comprehend it, but it reminds me to consider the vastness that we live in. And I also think about the soul who made the rocks. And how generous and calming that person must be. I literally bless that person pretty much everyday because I look at the rock everyday.

It’s truly a little thing, but it has magnificent, rippling impact on the person who made the rock and myself and my son. I want to know what “little thing” do you have in your life that you want to shout out right here right now?

With so much attention to “BIG” things like reality TV stars, expensive cars, celebrities, massive spiritual experiences, designer handbags, lavish this that and the other thing…I’m kickin’ it old school and reminding YOU that the small things really do make up so much of our enjoyment in life. Please share YOUR little thing below…and watch our for more “little things” in upcoming posts.

I have so many ideas for this series, I could honestly burst.




Why PLAY Is More Important Than WORK

Hey there spiritual seeker.

Today I wanted to touch on something that I was journaling about just this morning. It sort of came from a FB post my sister Gretchen, of Black & Poole, posted on FB as she was on vacay in France. Screen Shot 2014-04-28 at 1.52.42 PM

I said that “all we do is work” and I meant all I do is work, and I decided to include my big sis in on that statement, because I know she works all the time, too. It’s like this weird thing that I have cultivated over the past few years. Everything has turned into some kind of networking opportunity, blog post or book idea.

Forget about the fact that I spend MINIMUM 30 hours a week in my Insurance Biz + any off time being a mommy. It’s pure madness. In my busy season, double that and then some. AAHH…that scares me.

Because in my last post, I decided to just get gut level honest…I’m gonna go ahead and do it again.

I wear work and being busy as a deranged badge of honor.

I feel important when I’m running around.

When I’m not running around or helping a prospect, client, family or friend, I feel…guilty. There I said it.

I didn’t used to be like this. I used to have a general disdain for work. I found it to be a cruel and unusual punishment to live on this planet, that we, humans, had to spend certain amounts of time working…to make money. Back then, I was just a kid…and the money I made I spent on things.

Now, the money I make through work, I pay bills with or…GASP…invest in my business to take it further. HAHA! It’s pure comedy. Sure, we went on a vacation…but while I was there…yes, folks…you guessed it: I WORKED.

Irony is even happening in this moment, because I’m writing a blog post right now.

I need help.


I feel like I can overcome this work-obsession. I refuse to say the term “workaholic” because I just don’t like the fact that everything has to get tossed into the “addiction pile” for good measure.

Because, the truth is folks…it’s all just a part of being human. We all develop habits…some good, some bad. This one doesn’t necessarily interfere with my personal relationships (though we’re getting there)…but it does interfere with my well being and general enjoyment of life.

That’s why I decided to change everything up on my site. I’m not blogging about how to work smarter and get more clients anymore. Why? Because there’s lots of people out there who can teach you that. A friend and someone I look up to once told me, in regards to healing from codependency,

“Just because you can, doesn’t mean you have to.” 

And I feel like that is so apropos here…it fits in with every nook and cranny of this post.

Today, I drew a line in my journal and on one side, I wrote “Universal Manager” on the other I wrote “Me.” For those of you familiar with Abraham-Hicks, you are familiar with this exercise. On the Universal Manager side…I wrote down all the stuff that needed to get done. On my side, I wrote down “Play, meditate, breathe deeply.” That’s all I have to do today.

Certainly, things will come up. And I will tend to them. But the world will not implode if I don’t attach urgency and importance to every request I receive.

So, why is play more important than work? Because when we die…which we all will, eventually die…we will look back with pity on all of the hours we spent working to feel more important. And we will look back with pride on all the time we spent enjoying the hell out of our time here on this planet.

That’s why.


A while back I wrote this post. I said I was coming out of the spiritual closet. And since then, I’ve seen TONS of people posting similar things on their own blogs. I don’t think I was the one who inspired anyone else to write this, I just think there are a lot of people like me…out there in the world. And we are waking up. To the reality that we can live a fully embodied existence which is a reflection of our innermost desires…and have it not be weird.

We’re spiritual. We meditate. We channel. We burn sage.

So what?

But, my post was only a half-truth. Because I became obsessed (as per usual) with the frame, not the content. And when I say content…I don’t mean the content on my blog. I mean this obsession with framing my life in such a way that, when you look at it on paper (or, more likely, on screen) it “appears” to be spiritual.

I’m really telling on myself here. Wow. And I’m not worried about what YOU are going to think about this.

Screen Shot 2014-04-23 at 10.27.44 PM

Because I’ve gotten so “over” myself and the general nature of social media. Post all the best…but none of the rest. Now, from a metaphysical perspective…I actually believe we need to focus on the good. We want more of it, don’t we? But, I don’t believe in fake. Fake means you are using your Frame (social media) to mask the ugly.

I belong to a group. We’re really honest there. I’ve always said that it’s really difficult to be a member there and keep your ugly stuff hidden away. It’s just…not possible. I’m not suggesting that I have some ugly stuff I’m hiding…cuz I really don’t. What I am suggesting is more along the lines of me opening up and saying this:

I am willing to admit that I am ready to go much deeper, spiritually speaking.

I am not willing to talk business here, anymore…unless it serves some soulful purpose. I just…I just CAN’T. I deal with MY business M-F, 8-6 (and yes, I know those are long hours…but trust me, I take long lunches). So…blogging about business is making me dizzy. Not in a good way.

I’ve watched, in awe, of other people who have given themselves permission to immerse themselves in Yoga Teacher Training, placed self care as their numero uno…or gone to drum circles and received weekly massages. Just, because…they wanted to.

I love you people.

Since I became a mama…all of this has literally gone totally out the window for me. I used to do all that stuff. And then, I had my sweet boy. And I had to make due with janky meditations and the occasional blow out or manicure.  But, it’s just not gonna cut it anymore. They say we teach that which we need to learn. And I had wanted to teach other moms how to incorporate spirituality back into their lives. But…I need much more than I’m currently giving myself.

I need to plug back in. My battery is dead. Literally. I have no juice left. So, that means what, exactly…for you my dear reader? It means a few things.

1. It means I am no longer offering coaching. I can’t. I don’t have the energy to share. And no amount of money could recharge these batteries.

2. Because I’ve been harnessing my creative energies towards my novel, Matriarch, I’m not going to blogging as much. (Or maybe I will blog more because I don’t feel pressured to blog now…who knows?)

3. I will be attending in person and virtual conferences, seminars, yoga classes and other events in order to come back to center. I can’t say I want to be filled up…because the truth is, my brain is on overdrive. I need to be emptied out…so, that’s what I’ll be “doing” for the next long while.

4. I have decided to blog about my experiences + blog about different books, events, products, etc that I use along the way. I want to share who I am with you. It will be personal. It will be practical. It will be ME. I have a serious intention set that you will feel inspired by this.

5. I probably won’t make lists anymore [of the 5 best ways to do] well…anything. Because I don’t know what the hell the point of those lists really is anyway. They distract me from my tasks during the day. They rarely inspire me. They always make my brain hurt. So, they are banned from my blog…starting right now.

This is now a Sacred Place. Let’s treat it as such.

I look forward to walking with you along my journey. I will share anything I find along the way.



As someone who believes deeply in the power of Spirit, the power of our thoughts creating our reality and the Infinite Power we all have within us, ever at our disposal, I know first-hand how fun, relaxing and energizing it can be to use spiritual tools to find alignment and inspiration. You know what I mean: meditation, Reiki, massage therapy, Abraham-Hicks, mantras, etc, etc, etc. This post is for all the business owners out there who share in my love for these practices, but can…at times…feel frozen in taking decisive action that will help to catapult your business to the next level.

The point I’m making here in my opening is this, I’m not here to DISS your process, friend. In fact…I’ve gotten caught up in the same type of stuff you do. And still can on any given day, when I’m not taking my own advice and the advice of other mentors whom I have paid a pretty penny to. You KNOW what I’m talking about, right: thinking, making vision boards, visualizing. All in the name of improving your MINDSET. Maybe you try to find your money limit and “dial it up” or something along those lines, thereby opening the floodgates to all of the amazing clients you have been energetically blocking. The trouble with attempting to work on your Millionaire Mindset is…that…well it’s probably not working really well for you.

  • You probably have unfinished creative projects.
  • You’re probably not making the kind of money you want and deserve.
  • You probably don’t have a savings plan in place.
  • You probably don’t have any REAL idea of how to get from where you are to where you want to be.

So you pull out your Angel Cards, find a local psychic or intuitive, or pull a spiritual book off the self and hope for inspiration, direction…a nudge in the right direction. Something!

Screen Shot 2014-03-22 at 9.28.04 PM

Well, sweet mama…I’m here to give you the direction you’ve been looking for. If I haven’t mentioned it before…I’d like you to think of me as your Fairy Godmother. I’ll give you a good squeeze if you need a hug, make you laugh when you least expect it, and tell you the truth about your business…even if no one else will. I’m like a warm fuzzy with a sledgehammer. Call it my Sagittarius Nature.

If you want to Master Your Millionaire Mindset, do it while IN PROCESS. Not sure what I mean? Well, if you are running a business…you will need to get down to the nitty gritty details of EXACTLY what you need to do to reach your revenue goals.  And get off your bum and get it done.

Shit will come up. You will feel less than. You will question your idea. You will think your idea is brilliant. Then you will miss a deadline or lose a sale and you will want to throw in the towel. Then you will dust yourself off, get back on the horse…and do it all over again.

In those moments when doubt is creeping in,  go get your energy work. Take 2 hours off and go to the spa. Meditate on your worthiness and get back to the drawing board. Your process of taking action will be the catalyst through which your use your spiritual tools to reach new levels of enlightenment. And not the other way around.

Because of the synchronicity of her latest blog post, I have to share a real life example of someone who is doing this right now. Lana Shlafer, of www.LanaShlafer.com has been running a thriving coaching and Master Mind business for over a year now. She has plenty of clients, lots of fun…and the woman has been WORKING. I have personally witnessed her grow this baby up to what it is right now. Very impressive stuff.

Except today, she decided she was quitting her business. In her latest post, she discusses how she is ready to quit doing certain activities just because she is “supposed to,” based on the advice of her coaches and mentors. She runs a spiritual business, teaching people how to apply the teachings of Abraham and the Law of Attraction in their lives and businesses. Sounds delicious, doesn’t it?

The beauty of her journey is that she has naturally evolved to this place, by working through her “stuff” as she, very intentionally, grew her business. She is applying her spiritual tools to take her business in a new and exciting direction. This, dear mama, is how it’s done.

For the sake of clarity, I want to give another example. Back when I was acting…I attended a class with Tony Sheloub. His biggest piece of advice was to “do the work.” He gave an example of two pottery classes. The same teacher taught both classes. For one class, he told the students to each create the best bowl. The other class, he asked to create as many bowls as they could.

Which class produced the best bowl? The one that threw the most clay.

As you take action, you become aware of what works and what doesn’t work for you. You can evaluate and make small changes. You can do the stuff that works well and ditch what doesn’t.

I want to share one workable piece of advice for you to apply in your own business that WILL BRING SHIT UP. I want you to pick 5 organizations, publications or businesses that you would just LOVE to align with. You know your messages are synchronistic and you can see yourself guest blogging, contributing to a podcast or speaking for their next event. BUT, only do this, if you can see a clear path to how this partnership could generate business. It can’t just be a fun thing you’re gonna do. Let it be strategic. While I believe that you can detach from outcomes like this, for the sake of beginning…I need you to be really focused on what you are doing.

Here’s where we get to PLAY with Spirit. Instead of giving you a script,which I have. And I would love to share with you…try this instead.  Meditate for 5 minutes before you draft your first email. Ask for specific guidance around what to say and how you can BRING VALUE to their organization.

Write the email. Hit send. Use it again for the other four if it’s good.

Now let the outcome go.

Comment below if you are willing to do this, or if you have done this. I want to hear about it!



5 Tips To Overcome a Different Kind of FOMO

Maybe you’ve heard of FOMO (fear of missing out). But have you heard of the other FOMO? Well, I’m here to introduce you to it. It’s called Fear of Market Overcrowding. And it kills business growth. One day you’re all excited about your business…the next day, you’re ready to quit.

Screen Shot 2014-03-09 at 2.18.43 PM

If I’ve heard it once (in my own head), I’ve heard it a thousand times (from every other business owner I have ever spoken to). We are all, in some way, at some time…living and working in this fear. It’s not good for business. And it can create nasty repercussions that could even make you think about calling it quits.

Have you ever thought, or been in a conversation begins with this

“I’m concerned this market might be over saturated.”

If you are having this conversation in your head, odds are really good this question typically spirals into you finding all of the people who are already doing what you do, and doing it a whole lot better (according to you). If you are asking for feedback from others…there is actually a chance that you might not even be able to PROCESS and ACCEPT the truth (that you CAN build a business in the market you have chosen as long as follow the tips below) because you are in that fear mentality.

As mompreneurs, we are in an even trickier place. Because we have so much to do (even if you have help), you can quickly use that to-do list as an escape from the reality that in order to have success, you need to be building your business. As moms, we might even try to convince ourselves that because we are already receiving fulfillment from our roles as mothers…that we could always get a job, not be as ambitious or even just quit the entrepreneur thing altogether. Know this, these thoughts are fear traps and while they may sound good (because they are alleviating some of your anxiety that other people might be better than you), they are not solving the base fear (that you are not good enough).

You are good enough.

You deserve to have a thriving business.

You can do this.

Now, follow these 5 tips to kick FOMO to the curb.

1. Focus on your Ideal Client.

As an entrepreneur, you KNOW the immense value of identifying your ideal client. But, have you REALLY focused on him or her? Do you know what needs are the competition is not addressing? My recommendation is to pick out some past clients and reach out to them. Talk to them. Learn about what they are going through right now. Why they chose to work with YOU. What challenges they are facing and if you could provide any help to them just for taking the time to answer your questions. Also, if you are going on a sales call in person or over the phone/Skype…be aware of your client. In your mind, body and soul, make this all about them…not about you.

2. Know your strengths.

Whenever I talk someone through this lack-mentality about market over-saturation…the same pattern repeats itself time and time again. If you are experiencing FOMO, as a business owner, you have lost sight of your own strengths. If you don’t know what those strengths are or are unclear exactly how your strengths relate to your business…you need to become very clear of them and lead with those strengths. Even if it makes you uncomfortable as hell to discuss those strengths with prospects. When speaking to a prospect or even when writing sales copy or sending an email promoting a new program, you need to be very clear what problem you are solving for your client…but also how YOU and your technique, product or program will help to close that gap in their life.

3. Know your weaknesses.

This, you might know all too well. If you’ve been hangin’ out in FOMO lately, you might be able to rattle your weaknesses off really quickly. Ok. Get a piece of paper out and write out your weaknesses perceived weaknesses. Now, look back through the list and find someone in your life: your coach, a business partner, your spouse or partner, or someone who will NOT knock you down. Ask them for feedback about your list of weaknesses. My husband knows I am extremely hard on myself (in my bad moments) so, he would hear my list and laugh at 70% of what I listed. You want to get the list down to 3 weaknesses that you can actually improve right now. If you don’t have someone to read your list to, email me at alisonh@alisonhummel.com and I will personally go over your list in a 15 minute strategy session.

4. Really show up.

Back when I was a sales person…I had a boss who was really tough. She kind of almost drove me nuts. But I learned an IMMENSE amount from her in a very short time frame. One day, I ran a presentation. I dressed very professionally. Freshly dry-cleaned dress slacks, a nice top and a pretty cardigan with pretty jewelry. I did an awesome job on the presentation, but when she brought me into her office to give me feedback, she recommended I wear a suit when doing presentations in the future. It bugged me. But she was right. This notion of “dressing up” can trickle down in to every layer of your business. I don’t need to wear an actual suit now (in fact, I do just because I like dressing up)…but there are so many ways that I dress up for my clients and business in general. When you take pride in yourself, you will differentiate yourself from so many others who don’t REALLY show up, they JUST show up.

5. Let Spirit bring you your Ideal Clients.

When you are living your life and business from a FOMO mentality, odds are really good you are relying on one person for your information and support: you. But, have you forgotten about Divine Intelligence who knows far more than you do, who is rooting for you to do your work and serve as many people as you can while creating prosperity and abundance? Your Creator is looking out for you and is waiting for you to get out of your own way so that He/She/It/They can deliver the perfect clients right to you. Just put down the keyboard, stop comparing yourself to others and allow yourself to receive.

When you follow these 5 Simple Tools, you can proudly and confidently hang your shingle and welcome your new clients into your life and business.

Screen Shot 2014-03-09 at 2.33.20 PM

So, in the comments below…let me know YOUR thoughts on this new form of FOMO. Also, don’t miss out on setting up a free 15 minute strategy session to shift your weakness list into an asset list. alisonh@alisonhummel.com

Keep Going, Sister. I look forward to connecting with you on your journey.



It’s down and dirty. It’s never something you want to experience, yet we all do it on some level. If we didn’t do it, we would all be living the lives of our dreams. But for some strange reason, we remain stuck. Like quicksand is not only keeping us where we are, but pulling us backwards.

So, what is it?


So maybe it’s not he ICKIEST word combo, but it’s really freakin annoying, to me, at least. Perhaps you like self-sabotaging. I highly doubt it though…so that’s why I wrote this post to encourage you (and me) to take small steps forward. even if you can’t find the time, space, money or the perfect circumstance.

EVEN IF…ooh that’s another icky word combination.

So, to help deal with self-sabotage, I want to share some of my own history and how I have been able to move past it…on most days. In an earlier post, I mentioned that I failed at blogging when I ran a site called Just A Girl Dreaming. The truth is, I had an awesome blog…and had a few hundred email subscribers. And that number was growing everyday.

I felt very unsure of myself and what I wanted to do…even though I KNEW I was meant to share spiritual tips and help other women to grow in this way. I looked at people like Gabby Bernstein and said to myself, “Someone is already doing that. No on needs to hear more about the same topic from little old me.” Or I would say to myself, “Your ego wants you to share this stuff.” And there were a million other thoughts I had about sharing spiritual practices and encouraging others to delve deep into their own spiritual lives.

I would also compare myself to other people who (I just knew) had many many more email subscribers than me (no clue how I KNEW this…) and I would use that as a reason why I wasn’t SUPPOSED to be doing this. I took that as a sign.

In case you didn’t follow my train of thought, I would look at other people’s websites…magically figure out how many people subscribed to their email lists and then because of this magical information I was able to pull through the ethers, I would use that info to tell myself that I needed to stop kidding myself and move on.

Yea, that’s a lil cray.

If I could go back in time I would say to myself, “Didja ever think it might just be a sign that you’re new at this? Give yourself a break and take it easy. Don’t be too hasty. Grow slowly. It’s not that big of a deal.”

Instead, one day…on a group coaching call about how to grow my blog and business…I got some annoying feedback from my coach at the time. The advice wasn’t on point, and instead of dismissing it…I got pissed. It hurt me SO MUCH that I hung up from that call and shut my entire site down. IN ITS ENTIRETY.

I lost everything. I threw it all away. Every post. Every thought. Every comment.



I then would go on the spend the next several YEARS thinking about what I should blog about. (Duh…I already knew what I wanted to blog about, but somehow it just wasn’t good enough). Can you see what I did? I completely self-sabotaged any growth with my blog, sharing a message of hope or growing my online presence. Poof. Just like that.

Self-sabotage is a nasty little bugger. It can be swift and to the point like this example, or it can be sneaky and slow, like the times I would eat really healthy after having my son only to roll up to the taco bell drive through while I was in between appointments (several days in a row)?!?!

I am not saying I’m perfect. Or that I have “figured out” how to end self-sabotage. But I am saying that I know I do it. And I am ready to let it go. And in general, I feel like I have outgrown it, though I know I will run into my old acquaintance, Self-Sabotage, when I hit new levels in my life and biz…but I won’t take his bait this time.

My fear is always that if I actually do the things I feel called to do that I will shine to bright. I’m paraphrasing Marianne Williamson. I am CERTAIN that is your fear as well. Because odds are, the worst that could happen might have already happened to you, and you’re just fine. But what about the best? That fear that you will offend your friends or become different and people won’t love you anymore…it’s all a lie.

I made this video to share some tips about how to take some steps towards growing spiritually. I hope you like it. You can subscribe to my youtube channel or sign up to get emails from me here on this site.

In the interest of sharing, what have YOU done to self-sabotage your own growth? Let me know in the comments. I promise, this is a judge-free zone. 


Growing my business as well as growing the readership of this blog is of utmost importance to me. I have a deep desire to become the highest version of who I am and that means connecting with others, sharing resources, transacting business and becoming a leader. As you may know, I am a mama to one sweet little angel named Cash. He is 15 months old and that can tend to make accomplishing all of those things…rather interesting.

I find it fun, actually. I used to think that things in my life (a job, a person, where I lived, lack of knowledge on a particular subject, lack of experience, my age, etc) actually prevented me from attaining things that I desired. This is COMPLETELY AND ABSOLUTELY false.

Being a mama with a mission has proven this to me. How? Well, it has changed my perspective on what are real barriers to my own growth. There is literally nothing at all in my life, or your life, that could prevent you or me from changing something about our lives. Can something (like a child, or an annoying job or something else) make it interesting to navigate through a change? Absolutely.

I listen to Abraham-Hicks, Bashar and happy up beat songs in the morning and throughout the day. I love to have my surroundings (including sound) reflect my desires. As I mentioned in the first paragraph, my desires are really very clear to me and I know I can attain them. The thought shift I mention in the title of this post is something that I really believe and think you need to consider in order to improve your own life conditions. 

So, what is that thought shift?

Everything is happening right now.

Every thought, desire, dream, past life, future life, etc…it’s all NOW. Time is an illusion that we have created to help us deal with and manage life. Yes, this might be tripped out to some people. But not to you, because you are one of my people. If you don’t resonate with this, that’s okay. In full disclosure, I will continue to write things on this very topic…so if you don’t vibe with it…read at your own discretion.

The reason why I think this is so profound is because many of us do something which paralyzes our own growth and forward momentum. It involves time. And it is a four letter word.

We wait.

  • Wait to travel here or there until we have a certain amount of money saved up.
  • Wait to dress a certain way until we hit a certain number on the scale.
  • Wait to have children until we are ready.
  • Wait to pursue a dream until we can figure out how to quit our job.
  • Wait to explore living in a new city until we are certain we’re not going to run away from something, or if we will definitely like it.
  • Wait to relax until all the chores are done.
  • Wait to have fun until we retire.

The list is truly endless. The beauty of shifting into believing that everything is actually happening RIGHT NOW is that we can tap into a living reality of our dreams in this very moment, because those dreams actually are happening right now, in an alternate universe. Abraham calls it The Vortex. Bashar refers to alternate dimensions. Christians refer to a place called Heaven.

It’s all happening right now. What would happen if you began to shift into believing (really believing) that whatever it is you desire is ACTUALLY already manifested. What if you could tap into some other intelligence (yes, you can) and gain insight as to how to live that dream in a more tactile way on this earth plane?

What is stopping you from that?

What is it that you have been WAITING to do…please leave it in the comments. And don’t be shy. I’m literally sharing my soul, my thoughts and my dreams here on this site…so you are not alone.