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Don’t Make The Same Mistake I Did (or you might fall down).

When I Threw Out These Old Boots I Never Realized It Would Impact My Business…What Are YOU Holding Onto That You KNOW You Need To Trash?

You’re worthy of receiving everything you desire and even more than that. You’re worthy…because that’s how God made you. An abundant, rich and easily fulfilled being. Beaming with energy, love and the power to focus.

But…somewhere along the way you might have bought into some stuff that is getting you tripped up. And, you need to throw it away. Right now.

Good news? Boom. You get upgraded.

Embarrassing Story Alert!

I fell down and skinned my knees like 3 weeks ago. We’re talking blood, massive bruises, my favorite sweatpants all torn up.

How did this happen?

Well since I don’t drink or use any other substances…that’s out of the picture.

Slipped on ice, you may be wondering?


The cause of the fall is a pair of boots that have LITERALLY been an accident waiting to happen for 2+ years now. Yup. I WOULD NOT THROW THEM AWAY. Even though I had tripped wearing them before (several times)!

They were North Face–a good and reliable brand, right?

North Face is an awesome brand, but they had designed the boots with really large hooks that the laces would catch on, making it really hard to walk without tripping and/or falling.

Even though I had tripped on these boots multiple times…I put more faith in the brand than my own discernment to move onto another pair. Ok, maybe I was also pissed that they were crappily made.


I was equally annoyed that I would have to go out and find another pair. I can be a bit finicky about my time. Like, the idea that I had already dedicated 2 hours to schlepping to and from the mall, trying on boots only to have to do it all over again…!? No, I’d rather “MAKE IT WORK” with the ones I had already bought.

In the past, when I wore them (which was only a handful of times per winter, cuz we don’t get tons of snow)…I wasn’t carrying my 3 year old. This time, I was. And I had to protect him before myself so…I literally put all of my holy-crap-I’m-falling-down weight on my knees and elbows, while I braced his head and aimed him for this small bush I saw.

This all happened in a matter of seconds. And luckily he didn’t have any injuries at all. Mama Bear Mode FTW!

The next day I threw the boots away immediately. And bought boots that are devoid of any hooks. Haven’t had any trouble since.

How is this SAME EXACT SCENARIO manifesting itself in your business?
What idea have you bought into that no longer serves you?
What (expensive) program have you actually bought that just didn’t work for your business?

I’m sooooo not judging you. (Remember, I just told you I skinned my knees and I’m a grown ass woman). I’m simply here to share this insight with you.

If you continue to TRY AND MAKE IT WORK with those outdated ideas:
*you have to pay your dues
*you need to do free work to gather testimonials
*you need to charge low rates and then work your way up
*you need to do a group program

You will fall down and hurt yourself in some way.

Maybe not literally, but your business will. And the most fascinating thing I can tell you is that YOU ACTUALLY KNOW THIS. But you’re choosing denial right now over decisive action.

I crashed pretty hard. But maybe you don’t have to. Maybe you’re reading this and it’s a wake up call for you to see that what you’ve been doing isn’t working.

That course you invested in…though it’s high quality, it’s not working for you.

Those ideas that might have worked for someone else…they just don’t resonate with you anymore.

You can’t get the time back you’ve already invested, but you can stop wasting MORE time. You can stop right now and realize that you’re shooting yourself in the foot by forcing someone else’s solution to work in your life.

And as an added bonus—you can still think the people who created the course or who gave you those ideas…are awesome. Same way I still love my cozy North Face jacket. We don’t do all or nothing.

But we do have boundaries when it comes to what’s good for our lives and what isn’t.

Let’s discuss what’s on the other side of this big business purge:
Ideal Clients Who Are Ready To Pay You EXACTLY What You Desire.
Clients who are committed to doing the work. They’re not just here looking for a Magic Pill one afternoon to help them shift something energetically.

Sure, you can do that…but I’m talking about those clients who are so into the work and so invested they can’t help but rise to a new level of success and abundance.

Wouldn’t you LOVE to meet those clients?

Well…if you’re spending so much time trying to make that other crap work…you’re actually pushing those people away from you.

If you’re interested in learning how to open your mind to a different way of running your business…I invite you to sign up for a discovery session. It’s totally confidential and you even get the recording.

The Discovery Session is part Copywriting Teardown, part Future Tripping (the good kind).

You show me your copy and I’ll dig deep.
Then we focus on where you want to go and how we can use language to captivate your ideal clients so they identify with you quickly, effortlessly and harmoniously.

XO Alison

PS…for a discovery session click here and I’ll get you all set up.

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