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Truth vs. Fantasy

If you’re living with the HOPE that your vision board, business and income goals will one day magically come true and you’ll live happily every after, I have bad news: you may never get there. And I think what’s even more important to note than this, is that because you’re really smart…you already know this is the case.

You dabble in the Law of Attraction maybe even fully embrace it for periods of time. But you also know that in order for you to hit those income and business goals you have set you need to start making some serious traction in your business.

Setting up systems to help you succeed. A regular marketing plan that you’re consistintly implementing. Closing sales.

But for some reason you’re stuck. You’ve put your business on the back burner for a while now (months, YEARS in some cases) and you know you’re smart enough and have the experience to make it big but you’re not consistintely showing up.

So you daydream about what it could be like when you actually finally do show up.

Fantasy is a wonderful thing. It can provide a sedative to the otherwise obnoxious experiences we are forced to live day in and day out:

*working a 9-5 you actually kinda hate

*taking on clients who pay you well put treat you like crap

*working with clients who tell you you’re amazing, yet never pay you

*that relationship that is literally draning every ounce of energy from your being

*that feeling like you’re perpetually running late

You don’t have to be expriencing every one of these things, but to experience even one on a regular basis could make daydreaming an olympic sport.

With fantasy, no one has to get hurt.

Nothing has to change.

You get to just keep living your life, pinning images of what it COULD be like and feeling like you’ve taken some action towards the life you REALLY desire (and deserve, btw).

Not everyone will be able to hear this post. I swear to you. If you’re reading this and it’s resonating, read it again. Denial is a POWERFUL psychological tool we all use to avoid change and pain. I should know, I lived in denial for 9+ years. Until one day I was done.

I was done thinking about what could be. If this happened and that happened. If all my desires magiaclly came true. If my prayers became answered. If only I acted this way, or focused on the positive. I woke up one day and FINALLY saw that THIS WAS IT.

What was happening is what had been happening and what would CONTINUE HAPPENING if I didn’t choose to step into the truth.

The truth is this: you have options. There is no ONE WAY to get your business where you want it to go. There are certain universal principals you can apply to your business that EVERY successful salesperson, business owner, hardcore hustler has used to get the results they want and they’re all based in TRUTH.

When you’re living in fantasy, you’re in denial about the action you need to take to get what you actually want. When I used to train brokers to learn how to ACTUALLY sell and make money and create renewal income I would always start with the goal they had.

“How much money do you want to make this season?” I’d ask.

Squirming. Fidgeting. Sweaty palms.

Always happened.

“How much do you want to make!?” I repeated…playfully messing with the person.

Sometimes they would say a really low number. Sometimes they would say a really high number.

Then we would dig into the action they were currently taking towards that goal.


I would then explain exactly the activities they needed to take to get close, hit or exceed their goal (you can’t guarantee anything in life but you can always control your own actions).

Now: goal set, actions lined up.

Fantasy smashed, truth revealed.

Truth, rather than fantasy isn’t as gentle and sugary sweet as fantasy. Truth is willing to take you into the thick of it, while fantasy would prefer you stand on the outside looking in. Never really feeling like you’re a part of.

Fantasy would prefer you stand on the outside looking in.

Fantasy would prefer you stand on the outside looking in.


Are you ready to step into TRUTH?

When you’re willing to step into truth, you’re willing to take action. It’s not that you’re not scared…it’s just that you know living in truth and taking actions towards your dreams and goals far outweighs living the same life while tripping out on a fantasy of what COULD BE.

If you’re a coach and you’re unclear about what the hell you’re “supposed to be doing” (based on what you see everyone else doing) you need to get a piece of paper out and quickly write down what pops into your mind that is simply fantasy and what is truth.

If you have trouble discerning these things, you probably need help to sort that out. Is that bad? Are you incapable? Will you ever “get it?”

Listen…only you have the answers to these questions

If you’re not resonating with this or you don’t understand where you’re using denial to manage the pain you’re experiencing in your business and life…I got nothing for ya.

I can only tell you that it probably won’t magically get better.

But the truth will elevate your consciousness to bring aware to what you can change, uproot and reassemble to bring about what it is you actually desire.

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  • Ben August 24, 2016, 3:48 pm

    Hey Alison,

    Great post. It really resonates with me right now. On a daily basis I question whether to leave a comfortable job and pursue my side gig full time. I know the side gig is what I ultimately want to pursue. But I constantly doubt myself. What if it doesn’t work out? Maybe you should just keep running on the side until you learn more…it is all bs and procrastination. There will never be that moment when I magically think that leaving will be easy. But I think pursuing and working tirelessly towards your goal will at least leave you in a better place and closer to your ultimate success (whatever that may be).



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