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Writing Services

If you need a writer, I might be your girl.

You can hire me in either of these three ways:

8 Week Intensive

This is a done-with-you and done-for-you service. If you’re ready to take your service-based business to another level by charging more for clients or shift gears into another direction by dropping the group coaching model and start landing high end 1:1 clients, this program will align with those goals.

Click Here for a 45 minute discovery session.

As A Ghostwriter–Currently Sold Out

If you have a book, blog or article that you want to write but you already know you cannot get it out of your head and onto the screen…then this is your best bet. My fee is based on the length of your project.

Obviously, the time spent with vary based on the length of your project and your project might be longer than 8 hours. I just use this as a guideline. For ghostwriting, I cannot book anything under four hours because writing is just one of those things that takes time. Trust me, that’s why you want to hire me. You don’t have four hours to spare, do you?

As A Partner In Crime–Currently Sold Out

If you have something already written, like a sales page, your website, a guest blog post or something else…I can spruce it up. Good writing isn’t born in one sitting. Through editing, a discerning eye and a LOT of fun…we can take whatever you’ve written and make it dangerous.